Friday, August 21, 2015

Last September: Fairly Short and Sweet

September blew in somewhat cooler weather, school projects, routines, Awanas and a new adventure. 

Brady Bear spent the weekend with us.

Awanas as well as children's choirs started. I taught Ava's Puggles class and Gavin began his second year in Sparks.

Ava started two day a week pre-school with her sweet friends Addy and Adelyn.

She looks too grown up in this picture.

Mommy and Daddy's girl

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm Just Going to Go For It

So what if I have only blogged once since last November. So what if that one blog was only a year late. So what if no one, not even my grandmother checks to see if I have a new blog. I realized that I am just going to go for it and try to redeem a little of this blogosphere.

Not long ago, I was looking through old blogs when Gavin was two and three. And man, I captured some sweet stuff. Poor Ava. I haven't hardly blogged anything and it's definitely not that she doesn't give some pretty good material. That girl keeps us rolling whether it's from something she says or a look she gives. So I figured I'll give at least one blog post for each month I am behind for the next several weeks. School starts for one next week and the other the week after. It's not that I'm going to have loads of extra time because my list of "oh I'll just do that once school starts" is off the chart, but at least I may be able to squeeze thirty minutes here and there. Some posts may be more pictures than words because my brain fails me. So without further ado long, long ago in a month named August, yeah, last August we.....

Played dress up
Did some swimmin' and grillin'
Had hard goodbyes
Got in the game and played outside
Met the teacher
And had a great first day of school.
 But not without one last goodnight hug before the first day of first grade.

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You

What better day to talk about Gavin's Star Wars birthday last year than on the day labeled, "May the Fourth Be with You."  Today we started the morning with Star Wars pancakes and are ending it with Jabba the Hot Dogs, Vader Tots and Yoda Soda. I think in the thirteen years I have been married to my husband, something is rubbing off. Even Ava was sporting a Star Wars shirt this morning, albeit a pink one.
 Back to a galaxy and time far, far away, Gavin was dreaming of a Star Wars birthday but I think his daddy may have been dreaming of it for even longer. We started by taking pictures for Gavin's invitation in his Darth Vader costume with six red balloons tied to his light saber. 
There was a lot of work put into creating things for the party, but thankfully that and the fact that we had so many props in the attic saved on cost. I think besides the food, the biggest cost was the fabric for the jedi costumes but those also doubled as party favors. I am definitely no seamstress, so I'll just say the ruggedness made them more realistic. We also made light sabers out of pool noodles and electrical tape. 
It's kind of nice to have something for the kiddos to do while waiting for all of the guests to arrive. We made an R2D2 pattern and cut out all of the shapes for the kids to make their own. 
The "real" R2D2 greeted everyone at the door.
There were a few suspicious Storm Troopers and a Boba Fett.
We also managed to snap a few family pictures before the party began. This doesn't always happen, but at least there is proof of just how entertaining (weird) our family can be.
 One of us is wearing a wig while the other watched YouTube tutorials on recreating Princess Leia's hair.
Later on, I also took pictures of our guests in front of a backdrop created with a black table cloth and a cut out Storm Trooper. When Gavin sent his thank you notes, he was able to include a keepsake picture.
The first game the kids played was pin the light saber on Darth Vader. Dave enlarged a picture of Darth Vader which we pieced together and then cut out individual light sabers for the kids. 
We got the crew dressed up, took a few pictures outside and then they were ready for jedi training, aka the obstacle course. The jedis had to strap Yoda to their back, go through an obstacle course and fight Darth Vader with their light saber silly string.
Once the jedis earned their light sabers, they took down the storm troopers.
 These jedis worked up an appetite. We served:
 Carbonite jello
 Princess Lays, Light Sabers and Hans Rolos
 Wampa Dip (not shown but ranch dip) and Vader Veggies
 Obi-wan Kabob-ies
Yoda Soda- Some cups I added Star Wars stickers and others I taped an R2D2 print out.
 Princess Leia cupcakes were made from icing and Oreos while the Storm Trooper Cupcakes were created using marshmallows and a cake pen.
For the cake, I just bought a chocolate cake and added the decorations including action figures on top.
 The kids took home their Jedi Knight certificates and a popsicle holder made out of felt to look like a light saber. My kids still use theirs all of the time for their yogurt.

 The party was a lot of work, but to see the birthday boy's smile made it all worth it.
 Oh wait, there's that smile.